Mechanical machining of Edger drive gearbox housings for hot rolling mill

Galbiati Group has recently realized mechanical machining of boring and milling on two Edger drive gearbox housings as part of a revamp carried out on an existing hot rolling mill at Mariupol, Ukraine.


These Edger drive gearbox housings are twin and specular, with high rigidity union flange. The structure is made in an electrically welded and stress-relieved structure made of S355J2 carbon steel. It also incorporates generously proportioned inspection windows and an air breather for the levelling of machined surfaces.

After sandblasting operation, the Edger gearbox housings were painted and treated with epoxy primer, then coated internally with an oil-resistant paint, and externally with a finish colour.

Below photos during the boring and milling operations of the two Edger gearbox housings at the Galbiati Group mechanical workshops.