"Galbiati Group and the young talents of the
Istituto Superiore Grafica Moda Design"

Promoting the training of young people to best develop their technical and professional skills before they enter the job market, transforming the skills acquired into real human and professional knowledge that is useful for both the individual and the community. Developing the relationship between vocational schools and the job market, committing both to optimise the services offered with the purpose of improving the future of our young people.
These are the objectives of the new INSIGHT project, backed by the Galbiati Group and created in collaboration with the young talents of “Istituto Superiore Grafica Moda Design” (Graphics Fashion Design Secondary School) based in Lecco.
The goal of INSIGHT is to create something that is different from a classic House Organ. In fact, it will feature articles on economics, culture, history and much more.
INSIGHT is one of the various projects supported by the Galbiati Group to improve educational processes, which aim to create synergies and a common process shared with the educational system for improving the working future of new generations.
All you have to do is click on the covers and read the first 2 issues of INSIGHT!